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“NIR” Examples in the Modeling of the Department of Homeland Security

The organizational structure of a government body (GB) is of a temporal nature. As such the rules for constructing the QName of a GB should consider whether or not to prefix the abbreviation of the GB with the parent GB. Take for example “FEMA” which became part of DHS in March of 2003. Because FEMA [...]

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Modeling the White House in OWL

This evening it was time to re-visit the White House and re-factor it into it’s own OWL Dataset. I thought it would be of interest to use the White House as an example of a resource having multiple types. Initially I had modeled the White House simply as the Presidential Residence but on further modeling [...]

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Ontology Architecture of the oeGOV Ontologies

An Ontology Architecture should be designed to maximize reuse and minimize impacts from changes. In keeping with best practices, the component ontology is based on the following organizing principles: defining domain boundaries based on ease-of-evolution and governance; organizing Named Graphs according to levels of specificity; isolating reusable constructs in foundation ontologies; distinguishing different types of [...]

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